I want to run away, (she said)
From the idea of 'we'
From everything
From you and me...
 This existence 
Or lack of it
This endless tumult
The burden of wish
This rowing and rowing
to a nether shore
I somehow end up 
back to before
I want to run away, 
From you and me

Yes, sweetheart, 
You are nothing but true
But we have to row
on seismic waves, 
Together perhaps,
separated may be.
Sometimes we surf
Sometimes we sink
But row we must
Row to be free

Those who run
must run to survive
But as with the sheep
or deer or fish,
For those who run
there must be a herd
a flock; my dear
we chose to miss

So we have to be
In the melee
Making the wagers
losing to win
Painting our faces
Chanting the rhymes
Muting our voices
playing their mimes.
Bowing our heads
to absurd adage
We must embrace
this camouflage

But we have to be
In the melee
Together perhaps,
separated may be
But row we must
Row to be free
But row we must
Row to be free

Picture Credits: Sisyphus, Franz Stuck, Mythological Symbolism

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  1. Those who run, miss a herd... very well said... :-)

    1. Thank you! You can subscribe to our blog at www.facebook.com/theblueeyedson


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