'Lal Singh Dil'-Recently this name captured my imagination, (thanks to Rabbi Shergill's new offering Tu Milein-LSD ). I searched about him on the internet, and thankfully there was some content available of the forgotten "Che Guevara" of Punjab. A Majdoor, A Chai Wallah but a perpetual poet and a flag bearer of pain. 

[A Soliloquy : Would you dare to wear a T-shirt having his image ? .. I guess no.. He's not exotic right ?.. I guess how many know the significance of Red in those Che Guevara T-Shirts .. or LAL in LSD].

The voice of the oppressed(LSD) is still ringing in his words, in his unpublished works. A man of immense sufferings writes.

Many suns will die
Your era will arrive
Isn’t it?

Your era will always be there till there are men who can share the ethos with you. Sympathies? Well I guess you never liked even when you were alive.

Some of his poems that moved me to core.


When the labourer woman
Roasts her heart on the tawa
The moon laughs from behind the tree
The father amuses the younger one
Making music with bowl and plate
The older one tinkles the bells
Tied to his waste
And he dances
These songs do not die
nor either the dance in the heart …


You love me, do you?
Even though you belong
to another caste
But do you know
our elders do not
even cremate their dead
at the same place?


Words have been uttered
long before us
for long after us
Chop off every tongue
if you can
but the words have
still been uttered


This post is Authored by "The Weekend Poet", for more of his works read "The Weekend Poet"
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