Review of Honda Amaze and how it compares to other sedans in its segment

With Honda Amaze the segment of low/mid range Sedans in India has become a open brawl between Swift DZire, Toyota Etios, Chevrolet SAIL, Ford Classic and Tata Indigo. As per their own website, "The new Honda Amaze boasts of appealing chrome Front Grille Alloy Wheels. A smooth & strong design and the character lines, running down the length of the car, give it a futuristic yet elegant style. Complementing the whole look are the ORVM turn indicators, fog lamps an eye catching rear design with chrome rear garnish attractive combi lamps". Let us go through each of them and see how they compare to Honda Amaze, before we reach the final verdict, let us have a look at each of them from different perspectives 


At the first glance it looks like an extended Brio. Even though it is an extended Brio, the boot is very nicely integrated. It does not feel like an extended hatch back.
In all the cars available in this segment I will rate its looks the best (Others are Swift Dzire, Toyota Etios, Chevrolet SAIL, Ford Classic and Tata Indigo)


The plastic quality is not at the best. But it is not also the worst. It is just Okay. In terms of plastic quality and overall build, Ford Classic is leads the segment closely followed by Swift Dzire. The worst plastic quality is in Chevrolet SAIL.
The front seats are just comfortable and if you are a well-built person, then you feel very much lag of thigh, shoulder and neck support. In terms of space and comfort Swift Dzire stands out.
Rear seats are comparatively spacious in Amaze. But the best rear seats are with Toyota Etios. But then again, If you are thinking of a five seater, then pick from Amaze, SAIL, indigo, Etios, Classic or Indigo.
The quality of music system in Amaze is also strictly average, if you are good music lover, don’t go with the factory fitted system.  

Engine, Transmission and Performance:

In this segment Indigo, SAIL and Dzire are powered with the same engine from Fiat. So all have very good mid-range and high-end performance. For city drive you need  to change the gears a lot because these engines have a clear turbo lag. Toyota Etios has the worst turbo lag.
The best engine in this segment for city driving is Classic followed by Amaze, thanks to the turbo getting kicked in immediately once you start moving. Amaze's low end torque as well as mid-range torque are really good. But once you cross 110, the engine pegs for more power. On the other side, Classic can easily go up to 140 (beyond 140, it struggles). All FIAT engine sourced cars can easily cruise up to 170.
If you are planning to keep the car for more than 5 years and more than 1.5 L, then better to stick with non-Fiat engine because they are cast iron engines, so the mount of wear and tear with time will be more.
Other than Etios, all the cars come with a short gears which is good for city driving.

NVH (Noise Vibration and Harshness) levels

(Mainly noise inside the car, and how engine vibrates)
At this point Amaze clearly underperforms. The clatter in cold start is worse than an old Indica. To add on to that the noise insulation is almost like nothing and you can clearly hear the engine noise in the cabin and in high revs, which is really an irritating thing. Etios has the lesser engine clatter. The Best NVH is in Ford Classic. 

Ride and Handling:

Amaze's ride is decent in city speed. The steering which is designed for city driving, is very smooth. But at high speed it sometimes becomes dead  with no feedback at all. Overall best steering for city and highway is in Chevrolet SAIL. In this segment Classic is the only one with a hydraulic power steering and hence it appears very heavy in slow moving but is a gem to drive on highways.
In this segment the best suspension comes with SAIL and it absorbs all the potholes, with ease.
The best handler in this segment is Classic.

Final Verdict:

If you can tolerate with the interior quality, the winner is SAIL.
If you are looking for city drive, with a 5 seater, Amaze is the choice.
If you are looking for boot space, you can select between Etios or Indigo.
If you are looking for low maintenance cost, go for Indigo (Here the white elephant is Etios).
Drivers' car and best petrol Car- Classic.
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