When they say that I act,
 they know not I am (acting).
 To reveal is not,
 the point is to hide
 The faces you see
 are none but some masks
 My skin's so tattooed
 They don’t see the marks
 Some drops don’t fall
 They are hinged to the brim
 The chalice of lips
 Spreads wide to contain
(I smile)
 When they say that I act
 They know not I am...

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  1. Chalice of lips spreads wide to contain...awesome! wonderfully composed!!

    1. :-) (the chalice of lips again spread wide)

  2. Beautifully lyrical. I love the style of the poem's composition as well.

  3. Loved the lines. It is rare that people get to understand or appreciate what goes on within the artist. Your work reflects your sensitivity, but it is possible that not many will sense it. I wrote something about the loneliness of the artist that this poem reminded me of and I thought I would share iwth you and your readers. Keep at it, Blue Eyed Son.

    1. Loved your article as well. Very honest and connecting. You can say that we are actors, and we are not the only one :-)

  4. Wow! nice blog you got here...just loved your poems:)
    I am following you now...
    My blog: stillettomaniac.blogspot.in
    Do visit it again:)

    1. Thank you! Welcome to the world of the blue eyed son!

  5. took me some time to understand


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