You looked at me, but judged me not.
Your benign shadow, a relief it had brought
My laughter was raw, your smile was fresh.
The hold on my hand that won't let it go
A promise of life on moors and hills
A dream that we had seen by the oak
That whisper of hope, now no more exists
But deep down within, I know you are mine.

The twist was terse, the course bizarre.
I planned to turn, we came so far.
You strayed away, we grew apart
I believe no charm; I believe no chance
Nothing around tells me you will come
But I know the paths that move in the circles
And I know for sure they cross at some point
As deep down within, our fates are entwined.
Deep down within, I know you are mine.

I wish you my love, I wish you my life
I give you my core, I give you my breath
If the winds could carry, they will carry my fumes
If the rains can channel, they will pour my tears
If the Sun can show, You will see patient eyes
If the stars could talk, You will hear my voice.
The call of the calm, The shriek of serene
Will tell you my words...
In stars I look, You are nowhere there
In wild I search, You are nowhere there
In heart I seek, I don't know if it's you
But deep down within, my soul is your shrine...
Deep down within, I know you are mine.

Picture : Edvard Munch: Separation (Expressionism, Oil on Canvas)

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  1. 'My soul is your shrine', like this composition. Nice poetry.

  2. You have the natural flair for writing. The lines capture well the yearning of the soul and heart.

    1. thank you madhurima. Honesty is the best figure of speech as well

  3. Beautiful, what flow of words, I am glad I came by your blog!

    1. Thank You Meenakshi. the pleasure is mine.

  4. i liked the lines "but deep down within, i know u r mine"..


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