A memory of silence, slow rain,
Of a damp violet, unwritten poems,
A shepherd’s call, the laziness of the falling snow,
And a wind taking birth among sleepy pines.

The mountains seem to have swallowed 
The cry of every dawn, a soldier’s bones 
And the distance between a falling leaf and the ground. 
Yet they are calm as if you were absent 
Like nothing has walked past their burning valleys 
and no one has wept 
Not even a black bird for her unborn child. 

Sometimes, suddenly they come alive 
The mountains breathe through wandering horse trails, 
Wet honey bees and the faint bleat of a lamb. 
No sooner they get quiet like a cemetery 
Than they drown their solitude in my tiny palms. 

Perhaps someday they will wake up on my breasts 
And remember that they too have a heart.

Poet's Bio:

Dr.Reshma Ramesh is a bilingual poet writing in English and Kannada. Her poetry book ‘Reflection of Illusions’ (Writers Workshop) has been presented in the International Read and Share Conference attended by Asian Countries in Malaysia in April 2017.  She is a member of World Congress of Poets and has presented her poetry in the 37th World Congress of poets Mongolia and Pulara 7 International Poetry and Folk Song Festival Malaysia. Her poems have been presented in World Poetry Radio Show in Vancouver also have appeared in many international anthologies, journals and have been translated into Bengali, Turkish, Albanian and Mongolian. She has been a speaker at the Bangalore Literature Festival 2017. She is a distinction holder in BFA Photography KSOU and practices Dental Surgery in Bangalore

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