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‘I give you - a free and prosperous nation’
Screamed the khadi clad hero
But if we were to believe him,
Our bank accounts would just read - zero

It is amazing that there is more 
than one idiot making the same promises
But everything he gives us is returned
to him with interest, Oh blazes!

He is a wonderful accountant, 
He writes budgets that serve your every whim
Less than ten percent of the total 
expenditure is for us,- the rest is for him

But no income tax officer can trap him,
for he is absolutely prolific
And that is democracy for you; 
Every man has his right to steal, Terrific!

He is never honest, I’d rather 
trust a cunning and scheming magician
Lie, but do it with guile, 
you are a qualified professional politician

He eliminates his enemies easily
With an iron hand, his rogues prevail
That is the irony of democracy;
Huh! you chose one to no avail

They keep making us vote for them, 
we fail to call their - bullshit
And we are proud to live in the 
greatest democracy, that’s the beauty of it

Picture Credits: Garangatua's Meal, Gustave Dore, Symbolism

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