I'll write a song for them
A song about you.
And the passage to 'Us'
Like the interstice between
The dreams and the dread
From which the yarns
Of passion are made
In the desolate moments
When the morning was far
When the twilight waited
For a moon or a star
A song for those moments
To the music of dawn...
I'll write a song for them 

I'll write a song for them
About the river you are,
The meadow I am.
How you dissect and nourish
Me, all at once!
On a boulder of basalt,
A tender sapling
That breaks it open,
Yet makes it alive.
Between friction and spirit
Only love can survive,
For a poem the wind
Will write on the water...
I'll write a song for them

I'll write a song for them
For a promise of life
Green, and so merry.
With tulips so slender,
And lilies so white.
On a porch in the sun
When I seem all so lost;
While all I am thinking
Is nothing, but you.
A noon spent swirling
Like sugar in tea.
A story of finches
That flew in the morn.
A story for finches
That came back to home...
I'll write a song for them...

Picture: Water Lilies, Claude Monet

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  1. Nature has music everywhere and you've written a beautiful song indeed... :-)


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