Dog Passes Out from Overwhelming Joy

This is the story of Casey, a salt and pepper miniature Schnauzer and her friend and family, Rebecca Ehalt (who posted this video on YouTube). Two years ago Rebecca had left her home in Pennsylvania to work in Slovenia. Casey lived on with her parents at their Murrysville home in Pennsylvania.
When she returns back after the long two years (almost equal to 14 years in Casey's life), Casey gets overjoyed at seeing her, letting out all her emotions in shrill cooing and jumps on to her like a small baby. The overshot of emotions gets too much for her, and she tumbles around drunk in love of seeing Rebecca again.
This video (that is already viral on Youtube) is a video of pure Love. I have had a cat and chicken as pet before. This one makes me crave for a dog.
I have watched it five times till now, and this has absolutely made my day. Thank You Rebecca and much love, Casey. You are an absolute sweetest heart!

[ Things that make your day, as the name suggests are a series of short blogs that will be a celebration of hope, talent, love, beauty and life ] - See more at: Things That Make Your Day
The video and the pics are all property of Rebecca Ehalt. Data collected from Twitter and The Independent.
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