The funniest attempts at music

The latest fad in the intellectual world is to "follow your dream". To dream is the new peer-pressure, the new status-symbol, the new do-you-have-it-in you-? 'Following your dreams' is the ultimate recipe for success and happiness, but sometimes just dreaming is not enough. There have been many instances where people have dreamt to be musicians and watch the song of their life reverberate through the world.
We at theblueeyedson, set out to find such gems of "following your dreams" from and around India, which turned out not-so-musical but incredibly funny.

Statuary Warning: Listening to all these songs in a stretch may cause severe brain damage

1. Eye To Eye - Taher Shah

Taher Shah is the ultimate heir of Narcissus. His postures of vanity, his record-breaking eyes, his self-indulgence puts everything to dust. Chant with him-
Keep your love in the soul
Make love with eye to eye
Your fairs and glorious eyes
I can see with my spectrum eye

2. Sunday Morning- Bhim Niroula

Bhim Niroula is the Nepali pop (adhunik) music sensation. And all the gals watching this video, here ends the search for the guy who can "love you everydayyy".

3. Metro Se

Everything about Delhi Metro was stylish and state-of-the-art. Then came this advertisement cum eulogy. What persuaded the composition of this song is unknown and the mystery hunters are still looking for the agent who hired these girls.

4. Silsila

This is a psychotic song. This song grows on you. It has, as its name says a 'continuity'. You listen to this more than once and it will echo in everything you do thereafter.

5. Love Marriage- Wilbur Sargunaraj

Wilbur is the father of 'Indian style' funny singing. Dressed in his impeccable black and white dress, his trademark tie and stereotype accent is an unforgettable experience.

6. De De Party

This song is funny, not for the music but for the DDLJ-esque acting and the hilarious lyrics. Over and above that, we have that Haryanvi accent and a skirt-up-to-the-knees 'fraand'

7. It's My Life- Vennu Mallesh

Vennu Mallesh, probably does this on purpose. I love the seriousness with which he has sung his songs. Here is one for you

8. Pyar Ka Ke

A list of funny attempts of music would be incomplete without a Bhojpuri tickler. The whole musical fraternity gets periodically bewildered with the stone-age cinematography, chhee-chhaa-lather dances and libido-enhancing lyrics. Here is one for you that is a bad attempt at event that. 

9. Khambho (Shakira Mix)- Anita, Utpal

This sure is funny. Absolutely stupid lyrics synchronised to the gyrating moves of 'Shakira'. This is a must watch

10. Badshah - Doctor Choudhary

Doctor Choudhary is a living legend. He has a youtube chanel with about 4K videos, most of them attempts at singing. He has the widest range amongst all living artists which spans from aashiq hoon baharon ka to Enter Sandman by Metallica. Look him up for more fun

11. Ispiderman

Although we believe that the songwriters and creators of Indian Spiderman were trying to be funny and they have got that one right. But this song deserves special mention in this list for its dance, music and of course the best lyrics I have ever heard..." Teri Tareef likh jo sakey nahi bana koi aisa pen"

11. Eidi Mujhko

The full playlist can be found at Epic Attempts at Music

Special mentions to Kargo jeans maar ke , for being the weirdest and funniest Chhatisgarhi song that just missed the cut.

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Credits: Nikhil Anand, Ritu Raj, Neeraj Motwani, Nagmani Gautam

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  1. hilarious.. seriously felt laughing. Salute to the Man who has brought these together :)

  2. Salute to your patience :P

    1. seriously.. big patience and required a lot of painstaking research. You have no idea how many we listened and discarded

  3. @ashutosh.

    the problem with this 'playlist is that once u listen initial two tracks and rest of them feel like serious melodies...

    1. Agreed. But try listening to doctor Chaudhary. He is legen-wait-for-it-dary


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