Wikipedia describes the plot as:

His parents named him Murphy, but everyone calls him Barfi! Always ready with a prank up his sleeve, he’s quite the charmer, especially with the ladies! In Darjeeling, Barfi (Ranbir Kapoor) is the talk of the town. Even though he can neither speak nor listen! His bitter-sweet relationship with two beautiful young ladies, Shruti (Ileana D’cruz) and Jhilmil (Priyanka Chopra) sets in motion a chain of events that will turn his life upside down! UTV Motion Pictures and director Anurag Basu invite you to witness the amusing, naughty and sometimes crazy antics of Barfi. A heart-warming tale of selfless love and about finding happiness in the smallest things in life; that tells you no matter how tough your life may be, “Don't Worry, be Barfi!"

But Apart from a novelistic plot, where there are no villains and the biggest player is time, the movie simply runs fluid on the shoulders of its cast who have been woven silken in a fabric of colorful camerawork and ticklish cameos by Anurag Basu.

Ranbir Kapoor is the new superstar. Shades of his granddad. In 2.5 hours you will not realize he hasn't spoken. What an actor!

Priyanka Chopra, does the role of her life. May be a certain SRK can take few tips about how to portray an autistic person. Bows.            

Ileana is the answer to the conundrum of "beauty with acting skills". She looks so ravishing and did a great job in the movie. My love count ++                  

As usual Saurbh Shukla will pass on like another character actor, But he is the one who holds the tickle feather in Barfi.

If we set down to pick ten moments of sheer brilliance, they would be:
Barfi Moment 1:
       When Ranbir turns the clock back asking Ileana to forget what happened.

Barfi Moment 2:
        When Ranbir leaves her house defeated and anguished but still asks for smile on her face                  

Barfi Moment 3:
        The Mahashtmi dancers

Barfi Moment 4:
        When Ranbir makes lamps of fireflies in bubbles.

Barfi Moment 5:
        The way prianka chopra looks at her waist after looking at Ileana     

Barfi Moment 6:
        The way Ranbir dances with a dummy!

Moment 7:
        When Priyanka covers Ranbir with her both hands in front of Ileana
Barfi Moment 8:
        The narration of Ileana..

Barfi Moment 9:
        The voice of Nikhil Paul George in "Main Kya Karoon"

Barfi Moment 10:
        The little finger lock!! Well done Anurag Basu

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  3. For the best take away from movie is the song "Phir le aaya dil', which surprisingly was not promoted.

    1. yeah! seriously one of the best songs that has come out this decade

  4. this movie is relection of tough life enriched with hope , love, and passion to live it completely...i love the Ileana's unending love for Barfi for which she leaves everything


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