Why? O Why?
When I am not a super-human
Why do I have to act one
Everywhere, for everyone? 
I have to pretend 
That I am invulnerable 
That I don't break...
I don't suffocate... 
That I have to swing
Between being a spineless creature 
And a human of substance 

Why? O Why? 
I have to be a protean?
Adroit at everything I do
That if I fail, I am useless
And if I win, I am a hero 
Held aloft on display 
Why my love has to pass your tests?
If I don't show, I am selfish, 
If I show, I must be tamed 

Why? O Why? 
Can't I be just your level, 
I must be either better or worse? 
Why is it that I have to 
Let you judge me 
And not judge you at all…

Pic Credits: "Frieda and Diego" by Frieda Kahlo. Note how Frieda's self portrait is deliberately kept puny in comparison to Diego's

{ This poem is by a guest poet who wants to contribute by the name of "Marooned". }

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  1. The lady might not have written only about her relationship with her husband/partner. See the picture through a wider frame. The picture might fit in at several places.


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